Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012!

Every year I want to get a good photo of B in her costume.  I decided as opposed to doing it the day of or that night while trick or treating, I would go the day before and have a mini photo shoot!

We snuck into this field through a broken fence.  The pictures turned out so pretty but I left with my shoes and pants covered in stickers! OUCH!  B only had a few on her boots cause I carried her.

I'm sure you've heard of Honey Boo Boo....a white trash red neck reality show on tv.
Well I couldn't help myself and I dressed Brielle up as honey boo boo lol!  I was trying to get her to blow her cheeks up so she's look chubby but this is the face I got instead.  It was perfect cause I'm pretty sure this is the face the real little girl makes ha.

Ya'll betta recognize!  Brielle started saying that last night....Landon got on to me lol, I think it's funny!

Pumpkin Patch with Lita
Halloween day making ghostly cookies

A ghostly craft.

Then it was time for trick or treating!

My sister arrived in town just in time!  She will be here for 3 weeks!!!
 I can't even tell you how excited that makes me!

Highland Village had a mini carnival with free food, drinks and candy!  Free=Awesome!!!

They put the condiments in these pumpkins, so cute!

If a game had to do with bean bag tossing, Brielle would walk right up to the hole and just drop it in!
She won every time lol!

After the Park we found a church for trunk or treat.
Brielle and her fellow scarecrows.

How CUTE was this little old man!!! I loved him and his sweet little decorated truck!

We also decided to let Brielle go door to door in our neighborhood.  We've never done that before and it was sooo fun to watch her.  She would knock and say "Trick or Treat"  before the people would even open the door.

When we got to this house I told her we didn't have to knock on the door cause the candy was in a bowl outside. She grabbed her candy and we said "lets go!"
and she said "I have to say Trick or Treat to the jack o lantern!"  Oh ok!

She likes to ask me if we can Tuddle (cuddle).
 So we race to my room and cuddle and tickle in the bed.  It's one of my favorite daily moments!

Halloween movie night.  Kasey has been dying to watch Monsters Inc with Brielle cause B calls Kasey Kitty and Kasey has always called Brielle Boo.  I thought she might be afraid but she loved the movie.

Happy Halloween!

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