Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Tuesday

The Dallas Museum of Art has an event called first Tuesday.  The first Tuesday of every month is kids day filled with crafts, shows, music and other fun FREE stuff!  Kasey and I took Brielle for the first time and she really enjoyed it.  They gave the kids a tour of the Museum but that was a little boring for her, she'd rather have been doing crafts.

The theme was Hispanic culture and birds.
First stop was jewelry making, you were supposed to create an animal piece you could wear out of aluminum foil.

My bird, Kasey's elephant and Brielle's mickey mouse haha!

What a beautiful necklace Kitty made for you!

My friend Jayme and her son Trevor also joined us. 

Brielle especially loved the Hispanic dancers.   They did 3 different routines from 3 different countries.

Learning to dance a little.......

You should have heard us HOLA! When they busted out with the Colombian music!!!
We will definitely be going back!

Just because they light up my life..........

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