Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brielle's 3rd Birthday Party!

We headed to Amarillo last Friday for Brielles birthday party!

Doesn't matter if its the most uncomfortable spot in the world.
Neely will sit/sleep wherever just to be close to us!
Once we arrived it was straight to cookie baking!  Thank goodness for Kaytie and Sherry Ann!

Little red riding hood brought us a late night dinner. 

None of Landon's family knew Kaytie would be in town.  They didn't even think she'd make it down for Thanksgiving and were very upset about that.  We decided to rent a costume, Kaytie would wear it to the birthday party and then reveal her to everyone half way through!  What better costume for a milk and cookies party but a cow.
Our cookie baking wasn't going so well and we had to run to Walmart to pick up some extra stuff.  I was super annoyed and decided the only way to make myself feel better was to wear the costume out and about.

I didn't have very good vision in that thing and Kaytie took advantage of that and would hide from me so I looked like an idiot standing there by myself...not that I didn't look like one anyways ha!

These kids totally loved me......When we were done with picture taking I sang
"MOOOOOOOOVE ....  get out the way!"  They just about died lol!

Visiting my fellow livestock.

It's milk and cookies time!  We had Brielle's birthday at Cheer Texas in Amarillo.  We had the perfect room  it was upstairs and that made it easy for Kaytie to be hidden away!
My sisters boyfriend James guarded the door just in case

It was the perfect place for a party! The kids had so much fun!


It was time to reveal the cow!  I called all our family members to one corner of the room (didn't want to traumatize any kids when the cow took off its head!)  I told everyone we had a surprise   Of course they thought we were preggo, especially since I started to cry but everyone should know better, everything makes me cry!  I said " we have an announcement to make"  Then I said "actually the cow does"  Kaytie bent over, took of the head and it was the best moment ever!  We got it  all on video.  Her mother almost tackled her! Never seen that woman move so fast lol!!  Randy had to do a double take!
It was sooo very AWESOME to surprise everyone!  Kaytie is going to stay through Thanksgiving which was an extra surprise on top of it all!

I was soooo nice getting to see all of our friends again!


My sweet birthday girl chimed in and sang "Happy Birthday to you" along with everyone else haha.
My sweet preggo friends who'd been trying to have babies for over a year know!

My beautiful mom, don't you love her outfit from the Kardashian collection!

3 had been the funnest birthday by far!  It may always be my favorite, we will see.  She is old enough to know whats going on and get excited about it but not so much that she understands everything about it.  She walked over to where her gifts were and asked "which ones mine?" melted my heart.  I said they are ALL yours!  When she started opening them she'd pick one out and say, "can I open this one?"  Then she'd pick another "can I open this one?"  It wasn't until about 10 gifts in she realized they really were all for her!  She was soooo much fun to watch and just made my heart so happy that she was so happy!

Opening her Barbie and saying "This one looks like Allie!"  so sweet, that's her cousin.

What a blessed day it was getting to celebrate this sweet little life with the people we loved most!

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  1. That cow is just too much for me! hahaha So sad we missed beautiful Brielle's party! Love ya'll!


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