Monday, June 2, 2014

Brielle's First Dance Recital!

Dinner with my favorite people.  Patio, Mexican food, fountains! What more could you ask for.

Ha, that must have been one awful story Trent was telling....
 The kids were getting a bit bored so we took them over to play in the fountains.  Cracks me up every time....highland village is such a nice shopping center with nice people but you can always find children fully clothed playing in the fountains haha.  Last year I got to where I kept a bathing suit and towel in my car just in case we had an impromptu date with the fountains.

Look how sweet Chloe is!!!!!

Remind me not to put my big head next to Emily's small head in a picture ever again haha!  I mean take a look at that sucker, it's huge!

and there goes Brielle taking off her skirt haha.  I think she was just trying to adjust it but ended up accidentally pulling it down and I captured the moment.

Little handsome loved the fountains...this one wasn't working so it was perfect for him and I didn't have to worry about it shooting up unexpectedly and going up his nose.  At one point a breeze blew some waster on him from another taller fountain, scared him to death...he held his breath and looked so scared.  Luckily I was right there and could save him and cuddle him to warm his chubby little body back up :)

Brielle had her first ever dance recital not too long ago.  I was so thrilled at the experience!

Cutest Tinker Bell I've ever seen! 

These pictures suck but you get the idea.  When the curtain opened you should have heard the AWES and the HOW CUTES and the squeals!   These little fairies stole the show for sure! Every mommas dream to see her daughter on stage dancing in ballet shoes. We were so proud! I cried all through her rehearsal and then again at the recital.


Lita and Papa Lou joined us for her recital.  Daddy always looks thrilled.

By golly I didn't realize how expensive these things can can order videos, pictures, cookies, flowers, shirts, programs, pages in the program.  It's nuts especially for a 4 year old. So we got her a bouquet of flowers and a Tinker Bell since that was her dance part.  I tell ya she could care less if we bought a section of the program but she adored her tinker bell :) Go me!

I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly proud you feel of your children when they do something like this.  They work so hard, it's just precious.  She did wonderful and wasn't shy or nervous on stage at all, she's a natural.

I love her more than anything! She's just so sweet and fun and kind.  What a blessing that we get to be her parents.  She's perfect for us.

Boy did she love her flower and doll.  She was on cloud nine.

After recital the grandparents took us out to celebrate with frozen yogurt.  A perfect way to treat our Tinker Bell :)  Did I mention how proud I am of her!


  1. But that picture is so cute of the 3 of us!!! My head is abnormally should not compare! haha Sweetest tinker I've ever seen! Love them both soooo much!


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