Saturday, June 7, 2014

Last Day Of Pre-K

My honey bear had her last day of Pre-K this year. Can't remember if I've clarified this before but she wasn't officially in pre-k, just a 3-4 year old class, next year she would have gone to pre-k but they did an evaluation and her teachers, Landon and I all decided it was best for her to skip their pre-k program and go on to their Kindergarten program.  We will probably still call it Pre-K though :)
I was surprised at how sad I was that she would be leaving the first teachers she ever had.  They were truly a blessing to us this year!
So apparently this is very common at Preschools but nobody told me about it.  At the end of the year they make the kids a sort of scrapbook to remember the year by.  I was so incredibly touched when they handed it to me! I cried.  It's beautiful and they put a lot of hard work into in.  What a priceless gift!
Of course this time she drew that she was wearing a pink princess gown lol...
I will miss these ladies so much!
They had the cutest little program with an ocean theme and the sweetest little beach songs....
Clever lil thang!
One of the parents of Brielle's classmates hosted an end of year party for the kiddos.  I was so exited to go!  All her firsts are my firsts too and I love experiencing all these fun things parenthood has to offer.  On another note, I just can't get over peoples houses around here.  Every time we are invited to someones house I can wait to see what it looks like, because they are all AMAZING and GINORMOUS!  I had one friend with a mansion of a home in Amarillo and that was my sisters in laws (Colts parents), that's it.  Everyone else lived in normal homes.  I'm not talking Greenways here...I'm talking the Colonies in Amarillo and up!   We had a couple in our last small group who lived right on Lewisville lake, they were our age and they had a million dollar home! Crazy, but something I'll get used to someday I guess haha.
  I didn't touch a slice of pizza cause we had Landon's big lake birthday bash that weekend, I was pretty proud of myself. 
 B had a blast jumping, eating pizza, having Popsicles, blowing bubbles.....
and fighting over who gets to drive the car..............sigh...........
And a picture of my beautiful handsome because I just LOVE babies sit so straight up :)

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