Monday, June 2, 2014

Playin Around

These two have a really good daddy who loves to give them his time and attention...
pinch pinch...
And this is how we nurse now, like a wild man.  At least I can kiss all over those precious fat feet!
Neely is so patient with Hason, I snapped a picture of him trying to love on her....
Then she did this! Lol totally looks like she's about to attack, it's just a yawn :)
Sweet lil white pup.

Early mornings at the park are the best kinds of days!
She's such a little beauty!

Awe, mommy son moment on the swings, be still my heart.

So a few weeks ago we went and met Landon for lunch.  Every once and a while he has to close on a Friday so we try to meet him for lunch to try and make his day not so long.  This was my outfit of choice that day.  I always try to look my super duper best when I go to Landon's office, never want any of those girls he works with to ever think they have the slightest chance lol!  Just keepin it real here :)

Landon works in a part of Irving that has lots of culture.  There are some very unique eating places around.  On this particular day we ate at an empanada shop!
You write your name at the top and then select the number of empanadas you want..
They did not disappoint!
On our way home we stopped at a couple kids consignment stores (cause they are my fav!)  One of them no longer existed at that location but a cupcake shop did and they were actually on the show Cupcake how could we turn that down!


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