Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hason's 11 Months Old!

So, our computer crashed again! You have no idea how many bad words I want to type about how mad it makes me! But someday my children will read this so I need to keep this blog pg-13 and lower lol.  That is why I've been MIA.  We have this laptop type computer but it doesn't have a mouse so it's not the best for posting and editing photos...so none of these photos will be edited or in the order I would like but it will have to do for now.  I'm just happy I have them.

My little Handsome is one month away from turning one.  How did this happy, my heart is literally breaking! He's slipping away from me! I can feel it! Ok that's a bit dramatic but geeeez they grow way to fast! He is so incredibly fun right now, love this age, love him so incredibly much!

 OMG how cuddly is this picture, he just looks so tubby lol!! And that hair! I really need to get it cut but I'm battling inside myself about this matter. UGH I just know he will look 5 when I cut it and I'm not ready for that!

 Caught him sucking on those toes! MMMM I love kissing on them too!
 He got super upset because he accidentally bit his own toe haha. poor baby.

Just look at those beautiful curls..... His hair is so light.  My mom said mine was this color when I was a baby.

*I have no idea what you weigh
*You have eight teeth
*I'm down to nursing you just once in the mornings. 
*you wear size 4 diapers
*you are wearing size 18-24 month clothes
*I feel your feet are small for your age and size, considering you can wear size 2 clothes! You are in a size 3 shoe
*You love to yell out GO GO GO, not sure where you got that from but it's precious
*when you crawl you are so loud...you slap those little hands down on the wood floor and we can hear you coming for miles...I call you little slappy hands.
*You love to give high fives!
*You love love love water....swimming, baths and the dog bowl
*You are a bit pickier of an eater than your sister
*you've added the word dog to your vocabulary...but you don't say it often.

 This was your daddies when he was a baby...It has his name on it but you can't see it very well.  I have a picture of Brielle in it too :)

You are so perfect to me.....

You are into everything, you make some messes sir!  

I just happened to have my camera out and snapped a picture of you very seriously saying "DADA" haha we all died laughing! Glad your daddy was there to see it in person.

"you don't say"......

You have always been such a joy in the car, you could be angry all day but put you in the car and your happy.  My favorite is when I go to get you out...you always smile so excitedly to see me!

This is your shy flirty little ham face....... Your lita loves this look you give :)......

 Is there anything more delicious!?

You love to play with the doors....open/shut them....

Always into stuff...you broke on of my glass bowls the other day scared us both!

One of your favorites is getting into my purse and taking out all my cards!

Oh how I love you so incredibly much!

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