Saturday, June 14, 2014

Landon Turns 30!

Well that hubby of mine finally caught up to me (well kind of) and has joined me in my 30's.  I tell Brielle I'm 27 cause when I ask random strangers that's the age they give me, so I'm going with it! Brielle helped me make a "so bad for you" birthday cake complete with oreos, chocolate chips, sweetened milk and devils food cake!

Landon loved it! He loves his chocolate candy bars and cookies. I'm proud to say I only had one slice the whole week! We had a lake trip we were getting ready for!
Honey bear wrapped his gift too, a bit crumbly but precious non the less.  I did the bow of course.
Mommy and daddy joined us for the occasion.
The dirty 30!
I had already bought Landon his birthday gift but I couldn't give it to him until the next weekend, so I had to get a pretend gift...I mean it was real of course but just wasn't his BIG gift. I couldn't show up empty handed on such a big day.  He's been needing a watch anyways.

The next day my sisters came into town.  I was SOOO excited.  We had planned pedicures and a rooftop dinner while there were in town.
This was awesome, I don't have a lot of extra cash and when I do I'd prefer to spend it on clothes but getting a pedi once and a while is quite nice :)
I'm so thrilled about having my own paycheck I treated all the girls!


I probably walked passed this rooftop restaurant a handful of times and never noticed it.  It's at the shops in Southlake.  I adore places like this!
Especially the live music....especially when it's song by a Colombian!!! Holla!

Boy how I wish we all lived close!!!!!!!!!!!!

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