Monday, June 2, 2014

Family Camp Out!

We found out that our city has a family camp out night every year.  They only have spots for 40 families so we jumped right on that opportunity.  We were so excited, especially to get to spend some one on one time with just Brielle, we've been missing our girl :)
Always a helper (as long as it's her idea to help haha)
All our friends from our small group we have been visiting were there as well.  We all pitched our tents in the same corner.
First up on the agenda was a scavenger hunt..........We had to take pictures of each spot we found to then show the person in charge so we could collect our prizes.
Found the rocks...
We found almost everything except for that darn spider web and a couple other hard ones :) She still got a prize though.
Next was make your own trail mix!
Then we headed over to the activities.....her first potato sack race, sweet girl did so good!
Her first time at tug of war.
Every kids  a winner (even if you cry a little cause you know you truly didn't win ha)
Then we made a camp out journal.
This was her campfire......
I think hands down our favorite part was watching Brielle play capture the flag.  She was one of the youngest kids out there and she was just so darn cute I could squeeze her!! She got the concept of the game pretty well, she played good defense and never went over to the opponents side where they could possible take her flags (until Landon made her and of course she ended up getting her flag stolen)  She was a good sport about it though, surprisingly...that girls does NOT like to lose or be anything short of THE BEST....she's just like her daddy.  She did however take someone else's flag during the game.  Gosh was she cute running around in her circle in the safe zone haha!
Finally dinner time!
I may or may not have eaten 3 hot dogs and two smores as well.
They had some astrologist come out with their big fancy telescopes, unfortunately it was to cloudy to see anything.
Last was a movie on the lawn.  How to train a dragon.  It was a cute movie, the dragon reminded me of our Rottweiler Dozer.  A bit scary I thought though for a camp out in the wilderness field but Brielle didn't seem bothered by it.
 Back at the tent before bedtime she wanted to play "Frozen" so we sang and role played and she danced with her prince.  The next morning we enjoyed some back/hip pain and a pancake breakfast, such a fun little experience for our family!

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