Thursday, May 5, 2011

Work work and all fun!

Landon had a surprise date night planned for me friday, we tried out a new Cajun food restaurant then went out and played some shuffle board and then we headed to the movies to watch water for elephants, good movie but super depressing. I don't like when animals are abused so I could hardly stand to be in the theater during some parts

We also went out to karaoke that weekend with Randy, Kaytie, Jake and Rex

(Yes I liked my outfit so much I wore it two days in a row!)

crazy manaquin lady sitting by the tv on the wall

Landon singing his signature song "The Dance". I LOVE how he sings that song, better than Garth if you ask me!

Jake not sounding like a Canadian but a Texan!

Saturday night one of Landon's friends he works with had a 30th birthday party

pin the skull on the dinosaur, look how far off Landon was

Kenneth's wife Crystal put together a scavenger hunt and we split up boys against girls

The Winners! ( we found our dinosaur egg first, it was a dino theme party haha)

The Losers, Landon is super competative and at the first clue he was running and bent over to pick up their evelope and twisted his ankle, he was wearing dress shoes so that didn't help, he said he also heard a pop. It's a wonder he didn't break something after looking at these pictures.

This was right after it happened

This was 3 days later, this was above his toes (excuse the yucky hair)

He bruised through to the other side of his foot!

He also bruised up his leg, looked sooo painful

After all the fun there was work to be done that weekend.

Another bundle of baby clothes to put in the attic, this gets awfully old ya know!

I finally got a round to fixing up our flower bed for summer

Brielle was soooo eager to help, she probably moved the flowers from the sidewalk to the flowerbed and back at least 50 times!

Taking a water break after all that work!

Oh my gosh, look how junky it looked before, you could even see our home security sign!


After, very proud of myself if I do say so myself :)

One of my wonderful friends Jackie gave me her old bench because her hubby bought her some super cute rocking chairs for their patio, so I brought it back to life again this past weekend.....

The pillow in the middle is yellow with white polka dots, you can't really tell from the picture, I'm loving my patio now!!!

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