Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Boys II Men, 98 Degrees and NKOTB Concert!!!

Last weekend Emily, Tifanie, Kristie, her sisters and I all headed out to the New Kids on the Block, 98 degrees, and Boys II Men concert.  I can't even tell you how excited I was about this!!!!

My mother and Landon didn't like the idea of me going since I was 37 weeks pregnant but I knew this would be my last outing with the girls for a while.  I got the ok from my Dr so I wasn't worried and I seriously thought it would be a cool story to tell if I did go into labor there!  It was the best concert to go to pregnant cause not only did I see a couple other fellow preggers girls but 95 percent of these women were in their late 20's  and 30's, who had kids too and were enjoying a night out for once.  I felt like most people understood and didn't look at me weird the way fans at a Justin Bieber concert might lol...not that I would ever care to see that.

We missed part of the Boys II Men performance but still got to hear a couple of their popular songs.

Then it was time for the best part....I loved all those bands but by golly Nick Lachey...I mean come on!!! That was the BEST part!!!

I warn you I took a ton of photos of him!
There's Drew........

He cracked me up cause while he was out there dancing his facial expressions  almost looked as if he was embarrassed to be that age and still performing with his boy band haha.  It was cute...perform on Nick, haters gonna hate.

Then they each pulled a girl on stage! I wanted to kill her......LUCKY!
She was so cute though and couldn't even look at him for the first part of the song ha.
I would have died!

I wish him and Jessica were still married, that still gives me turmoil.

Me and the girls!  I like this picture cause I don't even look pregnant!
I was 37 weeks along.

Now for the big finale!

I kept sending my sisters pictures and videos cause I know they remember the NKOTB too.  We used to have Jordan barbie that had the fake plastic haired head with a long braided rat tail coming out the back haha, gross!   We ended up cutting that thing off, even back then we knew it wasn't cool.

My sister's favorite Donnie...

I used to be in love with Johnathan in 3rd grade.  I had a huge poster of him on my closet door that I would kiss every night before I'd go to bed lol!  Not digging the mexi stache and he was the most unfit one in the group that's for sure.

My sister Sherry Ann loved Jordan.

They kept shooting off fire and you could feel the heat up in the stands....annoying cause I was already hot as heck and having to use my ticket stub as a fan ha.

My moms favorite...yes she had one too, Joey...
he got emotional after singing one of their songs...totally thought he was gonna cry.  I believe he's pretty grateful to be getting to do this 25 years later.  Most of the NKOTB are 44 years old, crazy!

And then it was time for them to get a little outta control...Danny the gross one actually made out with one of the girls down by the stage, I would have made him look like a fool cause I would not have let that happen, plus he's the nasty one.

We all yelled and giggled at this the way girls would do though....

Emily and Krisite

I had sooo much fun! Still makes me happy thinking about it and watching my videos back of the performance.  I was kicking myself once it started for not buying better closer seat tickets...I think it would have been worth the extra $200!! I totally needed this night before baby comes!  Smiling from ear to ear!!!

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