Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chloe's 1st Birthday!

Sweet little Chole turned one and Emily threw her the most adorable Lollipops and Lemonade party ever! I'm a little partial since Pink and Yellow are two of my favorite colors!

Tifanie was in town for the occasion and actually stayed with us while her and Brent were here.  I had fun getting to know her better and spending some one on one time together.  Come on Brent, put a ring on it!

I mean don't you just die..........SOOOO ADORB!
Proud mom and dad...hard to believe their baby is one.

There was even a lemonade stand!

Brielle and Levi were ecstatic to play with each other.  They are both really well behaved children but when they get together and start playing they turn into almost brother and sister...some playing with a little bit of fighting lol.

I actually kept forgetting we would be getting to see Pops and Grams that weekend too.

She was not getting her hands of face messy in that cake haha, my kinda girl.  Her outfit was too cute to mess up anyways, Trent tried to coax her with a little taste and that girl loves to eat but she wasn't having it.

Time to open all those presents.

The party favors were lemonade and marshmallows, that was the neatest idea and Brielle loved making the lemonade when we got home.

This girls gonna give them a run for their money! Levi is a very cautious kid and listens very well.  This one here is a dare devil and wants to do as she pleases, she's not a girl at all right.  All she wanted to do was climb on that darn box, she fell off a couple times cried a little but that didn't' stop her from getting right back on.  We all died laughing when Uncle Brent tried holding onto the back of her shirt so she wouldn't fall again...that little girl just looked at him and grumbled and growled until he let go baahaa and that's how it went for a good 5 minutes.  

What a beauty! Love her!
 Captured the sweetest moment with Brielle and Chloe having make up time.  Brielle was so gentle and Chloe sat real still as if to not have her lipstick put on all crooked ha!

After the party Brent and Tifanie came back to our place to stay the night, the boys wanted to get into the pool and I was having some doozy braxton hicks so it sounded nice to me too.

These two get weird when they're together I've decided.

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