Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bringing In The 4th With A Bang...Or A BABY?!?!?!

I loooove the 4th of July, Christmas and The 4th of July make my life!  Love summer, love cookouts, love the loud pop of fireworks!  I can't wait to host a party for the 4th of July, but this year we kept it low key since I was two weeks away from my due date.

Our city has a childrens parade every year with free hot dogs, lemonade, music and bounce houses which I thought was an adorable idea. So the day before we stopped at dollar tree and I let Brielle pick stuff out to decorate her bike for the parade.

The night before the 4th I got out a few of my decorations and prettied up the backyard for our little family of 3 celebration before the big day of firework events 


After dinner and some swimming we went inside and started decorating Brielle's bike.

Apparently if you stick your tongue out it helps with concentration with difficult projects like these. 

This girl loooves her scissors!

That night I took some evening primrose oil.  My Dr told me at my appointment the day before that I needed to be taking it to soften my cervix.  I was woken up at 2am that morning by some cramping.  It felt like the braxton hicks contractions I had been having but seemed to be coming regularly.  I decided to start timing them and sure enough they were regular....Holy Crap!!!!  I Googled evening primrose oil and a couple other people said that they thought it may have put them into labor as well.  But all the evidence shows that is not what it does what so ever...it's just a cervix softener...who knows!    I was pretty much in denial all morning about being in labor aaaahhhh!  With Brielle I knew the second I felt a contraction what it was, Why I couldn't tell with Hason I don't know.  Maybe it was all the braxton hicks I had with him and the fact that I had none with B.  Or that I was 2 weeks early and was not expecting that!  I woke Landon up at 4 am to tell him, I should have let him sleep but I was so excited.  Then it hit me that we would probably be having a 4th of July baby which I didn't want and I felt horrible that I was about to ruin this family holiday for my doula, photographer and dr with their families!

My contractions were anywhere from 11 to 8 minutes apart all morning.  I refused to stay home and miss all the fun so we called my mom and asked if she would walk in the parade with Brielle so that I could at least go and be a spectator.

She was so proud to ride int he parade! She kept mentioning candy and I told her she wasn't that kind of parade.  Well apparently some kids were throwing out candy so we will have to do that next year, Brielle was right : ) We did need candy.

Don't mind me, the pregnant lady 9 hours into labor.

I would just sit or stand depending on where we were, put my head down and quietly have my contractions.  I know I had to have scared some people...even though I was trying to be discreet...people aren't stupid...they were sure to notice the big pregnant lady looking awfully uncomfortable!

At one point I stopped under a tree in the shade to have a contraction and there was some weirdo bum  with his bike and junk that just started taking to us.  He said "Oh she has a baby too"  What the heck was he talking about...did he have a baby stashed in his backpack...a Chihuahua somewhere...what a weirdo.  Landon said next time I had a contraction to try not to have one by the creeper.  I can't help the timing of these things lol. 
How cool was the stilts guy!
He came up to me and asked "When do you plan on loosing all that weight" I said "well actually I've been in labor since 2 am this morning"  You could tell he wished he didn't ask haha!

It was too hot to hang around so my mom stayed with B and let her play while Landon and I went home to try to have a baby.  I got in the pool to try to get some relief and decided there was no better place to enjoy my lunch : )

Then that evening it got a lot more painful...I got in the tub for relief and had Landon bring me my hairspray just in case we needed to head to the hospital anytime soon I would feel ready.  Notice my ammunition...ensure, oatmeal and water! Laboring food of champions!
(I do have swimsuit bottoms on)

We called my doula and she showed up about 8 that night......

My contractions were all over the place...5 minutes apart...then 7, then 10.  My doula, Lindsay wanted me to try to get some rest so she had Landon and I go to bed (and gave me a few sips of wine wahoo, I was in to much pain to enjoy or relax from it) and she went upstairs to the spare room to snooze as well.  We got a little shut eye but not much...then we started laboring and didn't call Lindsay back down till I had been contraction for 2hrs at a consistent 4 minutes apart.

This is her rabozoing me.  She would pull and lift my belly as I had a contraction and then wiggle the wrap back and forth in between to get baby in a good position and drop down.

Apparently I had the house a bit to cold for someone haha.
It's like the dad in father of the bride.

Lindsay had me walking, climbing the stairs, doing lunges and anything else she could think of to move this process along!  Good gosh I'm the slowest laborer, good news was it didn't look like we'd be having a 4th of July baby after all!

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