Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pinkies Up!

I'm behind on posting so this is obviously an older  post.  I don't want to get out of order.
I'm getting to where going out and doing stuff all day just isn't feasible this far into pregnancy.  My feet are swelling and everything is starting to hurt.  So I've just tired to think of fun things we could do at home.  Since she loved the princess tea party we went to a little while back I thought she'd enjoy putting her own tea cups and tea pot to practice.
We stopped at Tom Thumb and I let her pick out some tea (KoolAid) and cookies.

She felt very important being the one to pour the tea.  We went through a lot of napkins that day :)

When dad got home she wanted him to experience a tea party too!
(don't mind B with no shirt on, her and I typically have minimal clothing on when we are home during the day, I'm cheap and don't like to turn the air down below 79)

Pinkies UP!

LOL what a good girl daddy he is and what a good sport!

Brielle's idea to cheers the evening.

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