Saturday, July 20, 2013

Build a Bear For Hason

A few weeks ago we too Brielle to Stonebriar mall to make a build a bear for her little brothers birthday gift.

Check out the cool new sushi place the have!!! Can't wait to eat there, how fun is that!

We had to stop and ride the merry go round of course!

I love how these to love each other so very much!

I held her purse while she rode....this is what a 3 1/2 year old needs, a couple of princess books and some raisins ha! Surprised there wasn't a car in there!

We let B pick out a bear (on the cheap side of course, if you can call it cheap)


She got to pick out a heart for him.

Then the girl helping us had Brielle do some special things with the heart before we put it in the bear.
Rub it on your knee cause you will always need each other......

Rub it on your back cause ya'll will always have each others backs.

Make a wish and give it a kiss!

Then she got to insert the fluff.  She thought that was pretty cool.

What she was really excited about was getting him to the bathtub for his "fake" bath.

So cute!

Then we let her pick out an outfit and accessory. We pointed out all sorts of clothes but she was dead set on the Texas Longhorn T-shirt she found lol, that's our girl!

Dad helped her type up Oso's birth certificate. 


Can't believe we are buying a gift for her soon to be little brother...when does this become real!!

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