Wednesday, July 3, 2013


These are just Brielleisms I want to remember forever.

-When we last went to the zoo there was a car that had been shoe polished.  She says "That's weird! How they draw on their cars"  Sweet what we find normal and don't take a second glance at they notice and it's all new to them.

-She tells me "Dads a good dad cause he's a beast"  She likes to refer to herself as beauty and  Landon likes "thinking" he's a beast.  She's even gotten to where she'll say..."I'm not hugry anymore mom, I'm gonna give the rest to the beast" haha!  "here ya go Beast"

-I love love love to her her say "What are you doing MY dad?" or "Do you have to work MY dad." I don't know what it is about her adding that MY in there but it sounds sooo sweet when she says it!

-She also talks in 3rd person a lot.  "mom, Brielle's thirsty" "Brielle wants to play her Dora game" and so on.

-Any kind of dip, ketchup, salad dressing she refers to as "sauce". And we don't want to teach her the correct names cause we think it's cute!  She'll learn soon enough.

-If she sees a group of kids somewhere she always says "those are my friends!" Everyone is a friend in her book, so sweet.

At dinner the other night we had homemade spinach lasagna, garlic bread and salad.
What did my child want more of..........salad. I hope and pray Hason does just the same.

That's my girl!
Princess B

Playing with her awesome pink bubbles that Aunt Kaytie gave her.

We like to laugh at how awfully nosy this kid is.  She likes to know everything that's going on, kinda like her momma ha.  You can't pull anything on her.  Landon was trying to secretly make himself some chocolate milk...she's trying to peak around me and says " that chocolate milk?"  Busted...of course he had to give her some now.

-I think she's really going to enjoy reading someday when she learns how to.  She already trys so hard to memorize the books we read her so she can read them back to us.  One of her favorites is this little mini Cinderella book...she always starts out saying.....

"Cinderella was a very gentleman girl."

"Her Stepmom and ugly sisters were not very nice,
 the cat was even worse!"

Cracks me up...I just love it when she reads to us!
What in the world does gentleman girl mean? HA!

-We were eating pizza the other night and Brielle had not eaten the crust on hers.
I asked her to eat them and she said "I don't want to eat the bones mom" haha! I have no idea where she got that from.  Sweet Sweet Girl!  Then the next week we had pizza again (half off if Rangers have 7 runs! Why not) I asked her again what the crust was called and she said "crust"  Boooo I hate it when she learns the right words, bones was so cute.  I said "Brielle I thought they were bones?"  She says "No, the bones are under the people" lol.  I just can't get enough of her!

Here she is just the other day and she called it a bone again haha!
When she's bored in the car she'll play pretend with her hands.  She started this when she was about 2 1/2 but I've forgotten to blog about it.  She named them Malodie and Dubidy.
Brielle has definitely hit a new phase in life. No longer is it just fits but she now voices her opinion and talks back and is very much testing us.  Especially at bedtimes...Landon and I hate doing bedtime, they are a trying time.  She now says "I DON'T want to" "No mom, I'm BUSY!" and so on in a firm angry little voice.  It's not easy being a parent sometimes, especially ones who care and are involved and want to raise respectful, God loving, humble, kind children.  It's a lot of work to put up with these tantrums day in and day out and set boundaries and not waiver from them and be strong.... but that's the only way it's going to work and it will pay off when she's older I know. But right now...I just want a drink, but I'm pregnant lol so I guess I'll just pray for guidance.

Good thing she's sooo adorable!
I took her to the kids summer series movie last week. She absolutely loved it and felt so bit, especially with her purse lol. 

The movie was Clifford's big adventure.

Brielle has been getting herself dressed lately, helps us out a lot and is preparing her for when baby arrives.  She's real into things matching and likes to tell me when I've picked out something that doesn't match lol!
She picked this little outfit out and put it on all by herself, she did a good job I think and it sure did match!
Doesn't matter if she attempts it 100 times, the kids always gets her shoes on the wrong foot the first try.  The other day I said "Brielle you shoes are on the wrong feet again.  And she said "what about now" and crossed her feet LOL! I just about died....what a smarty! How'd she know to do that!  I couldn't argue with that!

Sweet little honey bear she is!

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