Monday, July 1, 2013

Lorax At The Lake. Repost

Last Weekend we finally made it out to the Movie at the Lake in Highland Village.  First we had to stop and get snacks!

Landon and I have seen the Lorax but for some reason B has not.  Don't know where or why he and I would have watched that without her
We helped ourselves to some popcorn at the concession.
Somebody thinks they're a boss.
Brielle had so much fun playing tag with all the little kids there and scarfing down all the candy we bought!

Sweetest little face!

Oh how you love your man even more than you could ever imagine when you see him loving his babies.

We got a little visit from Brent that weekend too. Him and Landon spent their time discussing everything about pools. Brent gave us some tips on how to keep that thing even cleaner...apparently Brent said we have to stop being so cheap on our chemicals ha, Landon cheap....never!

Testing out Brielle's bed to make sure it was up to par for a princess.

What a creeper

I just wasn't getting a normal picture that day.

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