Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hason is 8 Months Old!

This is WAAAY late because I have been outta town for 8 days and then had family in town for 4 more days.  It's been a fun whirlwind!
Hason is 8 months old! Wow! It's hit me that my baby is not so little anymore, we are closer to his 1st birthday than this birth day :(  I couldn't get the first 6 months to go by any fast enough and now I can't get them to stand still.  I love this age! I can't say it enough!
Precious precious boy!
Just chillin
*I assume you are about 23lbs
*you are still in size 3 diapers
*you are in size 12 and 18 months clothes
*you are an amazing eater and are very nosey when it comes to what we are eating.  You are super loud/grunty and vocal when you want or see food. You have had every green, yellow and orange veggie there is, you love them all and don't discriminate.  Can't tell you how happy this makes me! Your Lita likes to give you beans, black and chick peas.
*you are still sleeping through the night (except for that bad week of teething) you are waking earlier than you used to (stupid time change) instead of 8 or 8:30 now it's 7 or sometimes sooner ugh.
*You aren't crawling yet but it won't be much longer
*you startle so easily and are so sensitive to loud noises.  If you get scared you just scream and cry and it's very hard to get you back into a good mood after that.
*You were so darn cute the other day.  Brielle and I were playing a game.  I asked her if she had the number 8.  You were down on the ground and peaked your head around my legs and said "AAAAAaaa?" As if you thought I said "A" instead of 8 and we all know that you think you made up the word "A".  Sweet boy I could just squeeze you (and I did)
*We are working on waving bye bye...you did it to Brielle for the first time and Dad and I were both there to see it. It was so cute, your arm was all awkward and stiff as if to say "I don't know what to do with my hands" ha.
*you are incredibly sweet and patient in your car seat!  I can leave you in the car with someone while running in somewhere and you are just as happy as can be! 
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting pictures of this boy while I can and while he cooperates and is immobile...that all will end soon.......

Not crawling yet but he pulls himself forward in an army type crawl.  When he does get on all fours he pushes himself backwards.........

And we have learned to sit up from the laying down position.  I remember this phase with Brielle, she fell asleep hunched over several times because she couldn't figure out how to get back down haha. Not this guy of course, he just screams. Sigh, the moment things are going good (as in sleep) they learn something new and it disrupts the whole world.

Oh and what peace it brings me when he decides to sleep FACE DOWN! Oh don't mind me SIDS, just trying not to breath here! Good Lord child!
We now have the two top teeth for a total of four...those were doozies while coming in!  You woke up once a night for a week.  Bless your heart.  I'll be glad when you are done with teething. 

You have a toy where you put the balls in the hole at the top and then they roll down. You learned to put them in the hole by yourself...I didn't see it but dad caught you doing it. He was so proud!
I enjoy my nursing sessions with you in my bed in the mornings (as long as its not 6am)
Makes me want to let you sleep with us in our bed! Dad would never go for that ha.
This was the night before, he wasn't having it, I even fixed his hair real handsome....

You hold your bottle really well and have discovered that if you tilt it more milk comes out! This makes mom really happy!

 Beautiful Handsome Nene.
I'm kicking myself for not doing more comparison pictures. I'm just gonna have to make the time to go back and add them in.  I don't think they look a thing alike here......
But I do here...........

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