Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just Us

I love our weekends when the 4 of us get to spend time together!
Somebody has started to annoy his sister by being able to get around on the floor a little better.
But they do love each other. Melts my heart!
We had a fun little shopping trip when Landon was off a couple Mondays ago.  We got the big cart that seats 3 kids and he pushed all of us around the whole time lol! I think the other mothers were jealous :) I have no shame. 
Neely means a lot to us too.
Who sits like that haha!
Softball season is back again.  Landon has now been playing softball as long as he had played baseball.

The most proud cheerleader of all. I have to calm her down a bit with her cheering cause she can get quite excited and loud.  She's extremely proud of her daddy!

Look at that bottom haha! It's the bubbliest thing! She's gonna be just like her daddy lol!

Sweet boy wanted to army crawl all over except for on his blanket, he didn't know what to think about all the crazy wind that day!

She said the wind was blowing her away....
How adorable to my babies look, and here I am looking like the kid from ET, the wind was killing my ears. 

At least we didn't have a dust storm like Amarillo cause we actually have grass and trees here and some rain thank goodness.
My dear sweet friends who still live in Amarillo, I miss and love ya'll so much! I'm saying this outta love...why do you still live there, it's just awful and ugly and boring.  Come here with me!! It will be fun I promise, there's a reason Dallas is 100 times bigger than Amarillo and everyone moves here, Come on you can do it! :) 

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