Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Funday In "A" Town

Saturday morning Grammy and Poppy stopped by to see the kids.  Grams and I had a good talk about how raising a family is not for the lazy haha.
Then we had Pizza Hut with Gigi and Gannpa.  Not so good for my diet but I was proud that I only had two cheesy bread sticks. 
Randy looks like a boss in his shades!  I adore my father in law, he is dear to my heart.  He's such a caring giving person. Always has everyone's best interest in mind.  Landon and Kaytie were truly blessed with one of the best dads there is out there.  I get awfully huffy and puffy and my blood boils anytime anyone even thinks about saying anything not nice about this man.  He's the best of the best.
We were laughing at B cause her pizza was too hot to pick up so she improvised and wrapped it in a napkin, ain't nobody got time for food to cool especially pizza.
Leftover bachelorette party attire.  Teresa thought if she chose that one it would ward off the men.  I wonder if he even realized what it said ha.
That afternoon we went to my sisters house to visit.....ok I see her NEW ENGAGEMENT RING!!! It's even more amazing in person! (why didn't I get a picture?)
Dinner at Malcolm's, love that place.
I tell ya all weekend was like this, I jumped from one meet up to another.  It was INSANE, fun and exhausting all at the same time.  After dinner I met one of my best friends Tana for wine.  I tried a new Acai wine since they were out of my Blueberry wine I normally order.  Well lets just say I found my new favorite!
You will not meet a nicer more kind and caring person than her. I'm blessed to have her as a friend!
Sunday morning we made it to church.  I loved our church and always try to make it a point to go when we are in town.  This however was the first time I wasn't super sad being there cause I missed it so much.  I was happy with that, it's time for me to move on and build a foundation in our new church.
After church we ran to walmart to get Brielle some tennis shoes.  Since I didn't bring my own car and would be riding down and back with other people I pack minimally! (that's why you will notice the kids wearing the same outfits over and over haha)  I didn't' think we would do anything athletic so I only packed dress shoes for B.  Luckily I planned on working out so I brought mine.  We met my fam at Palo Duro canyon.  We had lunch, a small hike and played a mad game of keep away.  My Aunt was ferocious!
After our Canyon day we went back to my mother in laws for dinner.  She also kept Hason for me so he could sleep and we could actually hike. 

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