Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Laid Back Weekend

I just love our shopping center, for one it's so pretty and for two it's 5 minutes from my house :)  It's a great place to spend beautiful evenings.  Brielle loves playing by the fountains.
Hase doesn't use a Paci but he likes to chew on it.
We gave him some poofs puffs, he was making us laugh so hard cause he kept trying to jam them in his mouth with the paci still in there haha.
Awe Finally!
We walked by Claires and B pointed out that it was a big girl store.  I told her we could look in there too. She felt so grown up.  It's funny how you aren't expecting something to be a big deal but turns into one of the sweetest heart grabbing moments you've had.  Something about seeing her walk around and shop and talk about everything like she was 16.  Love my mommy daughter moments.

We had the best time trying on all the tiaras and headbands.

She's the most fun little friend I have!
National love your pet day......
Hason had a big moment recently...his first time to church!!! I hope with all my heart my kids will love going to church.
His cute little class...

None of us have really been since Hason was born, I'm just not comfortable putting them in the nursery during full blown flu season, especially Hase.  They have renovated the church since the last time we were there. We went to drop off b, the sign on her class said 2-4.  We watched her sit down and told her we would be back and we loved her.  I just didn't feel right leaving her all alone, so I went back and sat by her for a second looking around to see if I could find a group of little girls for her to sit with.  All the kids looked so big and there were a lot of boys!  We walked out and I asked them what age group this was... they said 2nd grade through 4th grade!!! AHHH no wonder she looked 10 times smaller than all the rest of the kids lol! Bless her heart! This is why you always listen to your mommy intuition.  When you have a weird feeling its cause something's not right. Then they tried to put her in the kindergarten room, she's only 4 people!! We found the right class and I'm happy to report that we was not happy to leave when we picked her up.

Afterwards we enjoyed dinner with my folks at their favorite Texas Roadhouse.
We finally got around to putting up our back splash, I just love how it turned out.  Landon did an incredible job!! gross!

Oh my much better!
 Having my mommy close means lots of parcheesi game nights, my moms most favorite game ever.  I made a huge comeback and whooped everyone's tails that night! Brielle makes me laugh, she's so into the grown up games more than the kid ones...we've decided she doesn't like mindless games.

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