Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Play Pretend

It's so fun to get to play outside after being cooped up all winter long!

My honey bear and I took some of her toys outside and pretended to make a fire and roast marshmallows.

We enjoyed eating them too of course! I believe 4 big marshmallows is only 100 calories...that's a good way to fulfill your sweet tooth.
Since we were pretend camping and all we needed a tent of course.

This silly boy, this is his favorite new thing to do.  He puts one arm behind him and then tries to lay on his side and kicks that leg back and forth. 

I'm gonna miss it when she's in school and we no longer get our library time.

This was Hason's first time at the library for mother goose time.

Someone was very patient while I played with her brother.
He laughed and giggled and everyone laughed and giggled at him.  There is a song where we are supposed to lift them up in the air a few times.  Everyone looked at me and laughed when that time came because they wondered how I was gonna lift my giant 7 month old baby who was the size of all their 14 month olds haha.  I had also just worked out and my arms were shot, so lets just say I wasn't to good at that song.
Brielle likes helping with the parachute.  Sweet girl always willing to lend a helping hand!
Since Brielle and I's library time will be coming to a close in the next year, I so look forward to making the same memories with Hason.  That's one fabulous thing about having kids far apart in age...you really get to relish in their ages and stages.  You remember what you loved about each age and really cherish it the second time around cause you know how fast it goes by.


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