Wednesday, March 19, 2014

School Themes

I get so excited about "theme" days a Brielle's school. 

This was wear orange day, what better thing to wear than your longhorn cheer leading outfit!  She was so excited to show her teacher Mrs Leslie who happened to be a Texas Longhorns cheerleader back in the day.

This was bike day.  Everybody brought their bicycles and go to rid them during recess that morning.  Landon was nervous she would be the only kid without training wheels.  Well turns out she was only one of two kids with a big kid bike haha, everyone else had tiny ones like the black and red one you see in the background.

This was Letter Box Wednesday which happened to be her favorite letter "B" (of course)  She took her beloved baby Bree. Her uncle Colt gave it to her for her 2nd birthday while he was overseas and it's been the only toy she has loved this long. 
This was our outfit for Wacky Wednesday......
On this particular day she was playing outside, fell and scraped her hand. She was super brave and let me clean it and put some medicine on it.  But all day long this is how she walked around, palm up being very careful and making sure to let everyone know to watch out and not accidently bump or touch her owie.
And just because my girls are so adorable......
Some sweet things Brielle has said the past few weeks:
"Just Kitten" aka Just kidding (her aunt Sasha taught her that one)
She loves her a good knock knock joke.  My cousins bf Trent taught her a couple while he was here this week.  "Knock Knock, who's there Banana, banana who" (repeat 3X) then say "orange, orange who, aren't you glad I didn't' say banana!"  Also "knock knock, who's there, boo, boo who, why are you crying"  She says these a hundred times a day and if you don't laugh she will tell you "you are supposed to laugh!" HA
She asked Trent and Natalie if they were the same measure. Meaning same height.  She loves playing with the measuring tape and seeing how long things are.
Cutest thing ever and I can't remember if I posted this yet or not but it's worth writing again. She said Hason was going to be a "pillow bear" in my sister Sherry Ann's wedding haha! I could just squeeze her for that!

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