Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Landon's 30th Birthday Party Weekend!

WARNING! first of all, there are more pictures in this post than my whole blog..ok not really but almost! 
Second of all, if you are offended easily skip this post, cause there are a lot of silly boys doing silly things with silly things.... OK!  

So Landon decided he wanted to celebrate his 30th birthday with his best friends and family at the lake.  We rented this huge awesome lake house for Memorial day weekend at Lake Travis!  We had about 22 people there! 
Grandpa aka Jeff bought Landon a helmet cause he's known as Radio to them and we don't want Radio getting any injuries.

This was our view from the house......

There was an upstairs, a downstairs, a basement and enough beds for everyone!

The basement was a game room....

So while the boys went downstairs to play a friendly game of pool, us girls got the party started lol!

One by one our friends started trickling in...

The boys decided to join us in our fun....

There was a house right below us that had a hot tub, so first on our list of our shenanigans was getting into their hot tub.  No worries, the house was vacant :) We had to go through a little bit of a forest to get there.

The rebels....I got in trouble with Landon, he was mad that we hadn't been there but 10 minutes and we were already getting into stuff haha.

That evening we had reservations to this fun little restaurant called Angels Ice House with outdoor patio tables and a live band.

My cousins drove in and got to spend the evening with us as well!

It started getting really cloudy and looked like it was about to pour...we all ran into the covered part of the restaurant but Landon and I believe Trent and Jeff sat out there like "we aren't scared of a little rain!" Well it didn't start out little, it poured and they ran super wet haha, that's what ya get for trying to be cool.

There was this bar Pooties that everyone wanted to try once we left the restaurant.  Kaytie was super excited about the name and was runnin around saying "I'm gonna pick Landon up and we're going to pooties" in the most hick voice she could do. haha! Well picked him up alright.

So pooties was charging a cover and nobody was there so we decided to just head back to the house, but first a pit stop.......

God only knows how long we spent in that gas station haha!  Those poor workers.

Now it's time to have some fun, with the sombrero! 

This house had the biggest island in the world, perfect for activities, tricks and dancing!

And getting a huge goose egg on your head haha! Bless his heart!

Oh the helmet....

There was lots of cheek kissin going on! I was so gosh darn happy to be with my favorite people I went around the whole house, kissed everyone's cheeks and told them I loved them haha.

Awe the morning after and everyone was still in once piece. 

This was the highlight of the trip....we rented this party boat...How freakin amazing is that! Just looking at this picture make me excited!!!!

Poor Katie gets motion sickness easy so she had to take it easy on the boat, luckily she did just fine!

Kaytie had us all dying! She kept doing this dance...she was pretty darn good at it too.  I just want to know if she just made it up and how long she's been practicing, does she watch herself in the mirror haha!

Since it was Landon's weekend I didn't want to make it about anyone else but him so that's why I only got to have one friend there haha.  My best friend! 

BEST PHOTO BOMB PICTURE EVER!!! It looks like Khara pooped a Kaytie, where is her body!? BAAHAAA!

Oh ya now just a casual stroll around the boat in the midst of all the craziness...That James...he acts all innocent but we caught him on video sneaking onto the captains seat and driving the boat lol it was hilarious! BUSTED!

This picture make me so happy!!!! What the hell is Kaytie doing BAAHAAA! 

The rest of the evening was spent on the patio.  Everyone gave Landon a hard time about being a music hog (it was his birthday after all) so we decided to pass the phone around and each person got to pick a song of their choice to listen to.  That was fun and funny, I think everything was funny that weekend...you guys reading this are probably like "no, nothing you've posted seems that funny" That's ok, maybe ya had to be there :)  Landon was being a little cheater and kept moving around so he could get extra "pick your music" turns.

We decided to end our trip with a bang, literally.  Emily was driving, Trent was in the passenger seat and Me and Kasey were in the back seats.  We were following Jeff and Landon in his Tahoe.  It was raining.  We started to swerve then it turned into a full on spin, we were hydroplaning.  Scary scary stuff.  We hit this cement median going about 50mph.  Thank God it was there cause the next thing was a pole.  I cannot even express the million different things that go through your mind.  Brielle's little face was the last thing I saw.  I remember being so angry down to my core that I had no control over my life the next few seconds.  I just knew my head was going to go through the window.  Kasey was convinced we were gonna flip so she braced herself with her hands on the ceiling of the car.  We didn't hit any other cars even though we spun all the way around and were facing the on coming traffic.  Emily did so good trying to control the car!  It could have been so much worse, so so much worse.  Thanks be to God!  We were all pretty sore and banged up, we've all been in therapy and the chiropractor, which has helped a lot but it took about 3 weeks before I felt back to normal. 

Trent felt the need to bring back a piece of the car with him lol!  Their beautiful car was totaled but glad it was the one that took the worst beating. 
This weekend did so much good for mine and Landon's hearts!  We were just overjoyed and still are to have gotten to spend some quality time with those we love the most!   It's a blessing to find friends such as these, who love you just the way you are and not to mention the close bond we have with our family too! There's plenty of sisters/brothers/cousins/inlaws that don't get along out there, not only do we love each other but both my family members and Landon's family members get along great and like each other too! Kaytie and Emily could just as well be one of our sisters for all Kasey, Shern, and Me care.  What a rare gem we have.   I have plenty of friends who dislike their husbands friends and don't trust them.  I have been given the gift of being friends with Landon's friends as well.  They mean so much to me and are all incredible men!  This post makes me so happy! I love these people to the moon and back!

This Video sums up perfectly what this weekend was for all of us LOL!

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