Thursday, May 29, 2014

We spend A Lot Of Time At The Library.

This post is way outta order, some pics are from march and some from this month, sigh.
I love taking the kids to the library! We like to go to the 2pm story time cause it's in between Hason's nap times.  Sometimes they are the only two kids there! Pretty cool they get all the attention!

Pretty days are for eating on the patio.

Brielle always asks to play on the computer after story better hope we have time or else there's a full blown fit being thrown on our way out :/


Playing with the balls! Apparently I never realized we didn't have any around the house, now I know what he's getting in his Easter basket!  Landon and I are awfully proud he likes balls, foreshadowing of his love for sports...maybe!

He wanted to take it with him so badly haha...

My sweetie ready for Western Day at school, Her dad and I just adore this picture!
 Our library hosted something called "Truck Day" all the big trucks and emergency vehicles came out and the kids got to climb up in them and ask questions to the men who drove them.  It was pretty cool, I think Hason will love this in a few years...isn't that what boys like...big ole trucks?
They even served popcorn and lemonade!
I made sure to get my picture with a hot fireman to make Landon jealous hehe.
 Can you see the bruise/bump on Hase head? It's his first bump. A pretty good one too considering he didn't fall that far.
He was crawling and fell off this step so his little head was already pretty close to the ground.  It got bruised fast.
I love this more than almost anything..........
Isn't this a beautiful sky!? That's got God written all over it.
My honey bear looks so little here, she's enjoying Uncle Mark read her a book.
Nothin more sweet than a couple of sleeping babies.... 

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