Wednesday, July 16, 2014

8 Year Anniversary

My Doula now friend invited us to her little boy Grant's birthday party.  Brielle loved it of course cause it was a swim party!

Hase playing with the bubbles....

What a helpful princess feeding her brother.  She wears her crowns all the time haha.

Landon and I celebrated 8 years of wedded bliss!  It was spent low key, we just had a simple date night like we used to do when we were just kids.  We started out at a coffee shop by our house.

Landon ordered the "lumber jack" which sounded super manly, it was nothing but haha.  It came with a cute little leaf and was sweet tasting and oh so good!

I don't know why my hair looks so red here, I don't like it!

Then we went to a movie, 22 Jump Street. I may or may not have chosen it due to Channing Tatum

 Then we decided to take the babies to Lake Grapevine for the day. 
On the way there we saw this camper pulling their car behind it.  Brielle says, "How's that car pushing that one?" LOL.  Love the way little ones think!  Guess when you think about it, it does look like he may be pushing the big one down the road.

This is Hason gagging on a big ole mouthful of sand : / That kid wears me out!  I swear if he eats just one more bug I'm gonna scream!

They had to build a moat to keep the giant baby out!

Being married to him is easy, he is easy to love.  I've never wanted anything more than to find the man of my dreams.  I look forward to the rest of our lives together.   He is my other half, the one who makes me laugh, the one I trust, the one who makes me feel safe.  I couldn't ask for more.  I love you Landon Michael more than you will ever know.

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