Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sweet Summertime!

We've had a pretty cook summer, low 90's. It so nice but makes pool days a bit chilly.

When the pool is chilly just don't sit down.

I enjoy making he kiddos homemade Popsicles.  This one was pineapple Kiwi....Brielle loved it.....

Hason thought it was too sour haha!!!

Our sweet little swimmer.  She's doing so good and can almost swim the width of the pool.

We love taking walks on the trails here, Neely was shedding a ton this particular day. Lol just kiddng, we have annoying cotton wood trees everywhere that just make a bit ole mess.

You should have seen this kid when he notices all these balls as I was pushing him through the store haha.  He just whispered to himself over and over "BAAAALLL" sweet boy was in heaven. I just had to let him out so he could play...and put every one in his mouth :/

Oh and the boys have decided to grow their hair out........

Just kidding, I got extensions! Never cutting my hair again!

We have also enjoyed music at the shops on Thursday nights.  All the little kids ran up there to sit by the stage...Brielle was the only kid who ran back to her parents to ask permission to get up there.  What a honey!

He was so cute chillin with his head propped on his hand haha, I melt!

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