Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Landon's 30th Bday Gift

Just a stroll in the park...

I had been plotting and planning Landon's birthday gift for a while.  Remember I got him a watch on his actual birthday but that was just to throw him off.  I booked an indoor skydiving experience for us!  I was so excited, unfortunately when the weekend came I could no longer do it due to the car wreck I was in on Memorial Day :(  I was super bummed, I really wanted to participate.  At least Kaytie came down so Landon had someone to do it with.  They had so much fun!  It looked awesome!

We also went to top golf before the skydiving but somehow those pictures got lost :(

That evening we went to uptown.  We started out at this super cute bar that had the best patio drizzled with Christmas lights.  I didn't have the most fun, I was super nervous about driving home so late with all the people who had been drinking especially since I had just been in that wreck so I was trying to be extra careful that night.

We love our Dada and I'm just happy he's finally caught up to me and is in his 30's!

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