Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fathers Day 2014

We spent Fathers day at a card show.  My daddy used to love collecting baseball cards and going to card shows. Landon has been wanting to take him to one for a while (what a sweet son in law huh)  They just happened to have one on Fathers Day at the Great Wolf Lodge. 

Daddy has a Mickey Mantle card that's worth about 1,000 we are guessing, so he had fun showing that off and asking what they would give him for it :)

Little handsome isn't as content just sitting around in his stroller as he used to be so he and I stepped out so he could crawl around.

Daddy wouldn't hurt a fly, thankful for the days I still have with him. He still wants to take care of us like we are little, always asking if we need money to buy Brielle clothes for school and offers to pay for our meals haha. Sweet old man.
Then we headed over to my aunts house for a cookout.

Landon really needs to stop leaving his empty beer bottles laying

I am so thankful for the dad this man has become.  When we started dating at the ages of 15 and 17 kids were the last thing on our mind.  I never really thought about the kind of dad he would be, I could have ended up with someone terrible haha.  He is amazing, does more than his fair share of work!  When he gets home the kids are his, he gives me a break but truly loves his time with his babies. I'm so thankful for all the little things he can do...I don't have to worry about preparing a meal for them if I have to leave and go somewhere, Landon is fully capable of making them meals on his own and making sure they eat healthy too!  I can leave them for a weekend and not worry an ounce.  Because he is so hands on I can trust him with the kiddos 100% , He's not just their dad but he can step in as mommy as well and do just as good a job or even better.  These babies are blessed with the greatest role model.  I would be a better person if I could be more like him.  I'm so glad he is mine and thankful everyday for the daddy he is.  You would have never known when Brielle was born that she was his first baby, you'd have though he's done this a million times.  Being a dad comes so natural to him.  He is a gift to all of us.

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