Monday, July 21, 2014

Hason's 1st Birthday Party!!!

My little handsome turned 1.  I've been dreading the day and trying not to think about it cause every time I do I cry.  What a year it has been, and once again we've made it as parents with a newborn to a one year old!   His "birth" day was life changing for me.  I had so much emotional pain and baggage I carried around from Brielle's birth and Hason's healed all of that.  I used to need to talk about how I felt, I joined Vbac groups and moms groups with women who have been through the same experience.  I can happily say I don't need them anymore, that hole in my heart has been filled! Hallelujah!  I have absolutely loved my first year as a boy mom!  Cannot wait for what's in store with this little boy!

We had a Mr. Onederful/Big Boy Bash/Little Man Party as the theme, because I'm still so thrilled to have a boy and I wanted to celebrate that!

I made the tie cookies, those were quite a task to decorate! Making straight lines is hard!

We had sloppy joes for the adults and mustache shaped pb&j sandwiches for the kiddos.

The napkins were folded into bowties....

I was more than pleased with how his cake turned out! I will be using this lady again! She is amazing and way cheaper than any cake I ever bought when we lived in Amarillo.  I hate spending a tone on cakes cause after all you do just eat them.

He wasn't sure about all these people singing to him...

I finally had to dip his hands in there like I did Brielle cause he wasn't getting messy enough....

Look at that farmers tan...

Present time! He was so sweet and sat in my lap the whole time. 


This is our little friend Laney from my 2013 July moms Facebook group

And we momma, we've watched our babies grow from newborn to one year olds together! 

The party was perfect especially because of all the wonderful family that came out to celebrate our baby turning one!
That's the last 1st birthday I will ever throw :( 

Brielle took it upon herself to put together Hason's bike that his Nonna got him...

I think he had a great day

Blessed my this sweet boy! Happy birthday Hase! Momma and Dadda love you so very much! 

After the party we had a swimming party!
These are my fellow hat ladies :) 

The  the whole family went out to dinner.

Oh my gosh did we have fun! I decide we should play telephone! I may or may not have started one that goes like this "don't let your dingle dangle dangle in the sand"  from a good ole fashioned army song baahaa! Yes aunt carol had to whisper that into her brother Randy's ear HA! 
Grammy had to repeat it too, she's a good sport :) 

We went back home and played a board game

Getting roudy up in here...
A blessed fun day indeed! Thanks to everyone who made it so special! 

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