Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Activity Center Waterpark

One of the main reasons I chose my gym was for the outdoor water park.  (and not to mention it was hundreds of dollars cheaper a year than the others, why the heck people pay for expensive gyms is beside me....they all have the same crap!)  Anyways love the kiddie water park!

This melts my heart, they are so much work but I love these babies so much!


He loves giving his high fives :)

B wanted to go into the lazy river, made me nervous taking both kids to the deep part by myself so I figured I'd put a life jacket on Hason too.

Oh Lord it did not fit him at all, I couldn't decide if it was too big or too small haha!  So we went without.

I could just eat this kid! She pointed to that sign and said "mom that says you are NOT supposed to drown" baahaaa! You are right honey bear!

Well that's nice....story of my life...he's always putting something in his mouth he isn't supposed to.

How cute is this little swim cover up.....

Have I mentioned this kid keeps me on my toes and likes to make a mess of everything! Ok, he's not that bad actually but he does get into things more than his sister ever did. On this particular day He dumped milk everywhere....

And then proceeded to rub it in and crawl all through it...

Then he busted one of my nail polish bottles, then he slammed his hand down into it and cut himself on the glass.  It wasn't like I wasn't watching him, I was right there, he's just so quick!  This was also the day I happened to decide to try and deep clean the house...so thank you Hason for making that an even more trying job than it already was haha.  We are gonna have our hands full with this one.

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