Friday, May 20, 2011

Band Concert

I tell her all the time she's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

I died for this outfit! I'm still just ecstatic to have my very own little doll to dress up!

We went to Brielle's cousin Allie's Band concert this week, there's the band girl giggling away!

going up to receive her prize, I swear she won every award there was! We are very proud of her!

I took toys, food, drinks anything I could think of the keep Brielle busy cause you never know how it's gonna go and I thought she would probably be afraid of the loud noise....Well she sat in my lap for the WHOLE hour and didn't move a muscle except to clap for the bands when they finished (she'd even clap along with them while playing time to time ha) I was so proud of how good she was and so thrilled to get to snuggle with her, I haven't held her that long since she was like 4 months old, she's too busy for that haha!

Nick and Brielle

On our way to a playdate at her friend Maddies house, so blessed to have so many friends just a few blocks away

waiting on her friends to arrive

helping put away groceries...her job is to put the veggies in the bottom
drawer teehee!

you don't have to look alike to be brothers and sisters!

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