Friday, May 27, 2011

New York Party

My mom and sister got back from New York after being gone for 10 days! They were so sweet to think of all of us and bring us ALL gifts!!! They decided to have a "New York" party to tell us all about their trip an hand out our presents!

The dog family was there too! Mack looks like he's gonna kill someone

adorable shopping cart Yasmin and Sasha got Brielle, I may just have to let her push that around walmart!

Our gifts! Kasey decorated all of the bags!

New York style dinner

Somebody got a summer hair cut, you can't tell in the picture but her skin is spotted all over her body, I call her the Rare Spotted Weasel when she looks like this, she looks totally rediculous, Landon hates when I come up with random sayings like that ha!

He never wanted a little white fluffy dog, now thats all he ever wants to have haha what a sucker

Crazy massage/pressure point mat my mom and aunt bought. I felt like you were standing on needles! I couldn't do it...but Yasmin's a trooper!

Random gift from Yasmin to kasey

Brielle liked it so she stole it

We watched a slide show of their vacation pictures and while listening to Jazz music

B opening her present, she got 2 of the cutest outfits ever!

I got some high waisted polka dot shorts and some adorable wedge sandals!

Landon got a super nice deck of playing cards

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