Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Suprise party!

Friday night I hosted a "suprise" party for our monthly La Dee Da girls group, plus a few other friends. It was sooo fun, we all just laughed and giggled all night long!

my sweet friends

my lovely sisters!

We were so wound up we couldn't go home, so we went out!

We found where Kasey and Colt wrote their names on the wall, how cute! They have been together 7 years you know!

So since Khara and I have been together forever too (18 years) we decided we needed our own spot on the board!

Great way to end a super fun night!

And finally it wouldn't be a blog post without a little Brielle in it.
Look at the ADORABLE overnight bag Gigi got her! It is soooo stinking cute I can't even stand it!

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