Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding and Workout

Last weekend our dear friend Amy got married! She is defiantly one of the top people on mine and Landon's list as far as being one of the most giving, caring and nicest people you'll ever know, she has a heart of gold and just looked beautiful this weekend and deserves all the happiness in the world!

Brandi Cota, one of our favorite/funniest friends and the Maid Of Honor!

Our Group, Jessi cracks me up in this picture, what in the world is she doing?! haha!


Us with the Beautiful Bride!

Kasey and I decided to try out P90X, Neely and Abner couldn't get enough of us when we were on the floor ha. To my surprise the it wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be, especially considering the fact that I don't really workout as much as I should. I not taking is seriously though cause what the heck is the point of getting super fit just to get fat and preggo in the future! (but not near future!)

Kasey and Abner, he looks like he doesn't have ears

Everytime I do crunches on the ball Neely just has to jump into my lap

There's not a better reward for sitting back up than Eskimo Kisses!

Tired out

Apparently P90X was a little rough for Neely

Every year in about June we clean, moisturize and put protectant on our leather couches, we take turns cause it's quit the chore and neither one of us likes doing it, well this year it was my turn

While I was cleaning today I discovered that a beaver had gotton into Brielle's room and chewed on her bed!

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