Friday, May 13, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Me, Brielle and My Beautiful sweet mom on mothers day

Mothers day 2010

While Landon took his mom out to eat I took B to the mall to play on her favorite ambulance slide

Mothers day 2010

Mothers day last year

Lets not forget how fun Dada is just because it's mothers day!

waiting patiently outside of Red Lobster for our seats

Such a little mommy with her baby doll!

Here B take momma her present (these things never play out as magical in real life as they do in your mind, especially when theres a toddler involved) She was not having it!

Opening the beautiful necklace made of Smokey quartz from Landon and B

The little mommy giving her baby a bath for the first time, she's gonna be such a great big sister I can already tell (just not YET! haha)

she doesn't look all that different in this picture from the one above in the tub(that makes me so happy), where does the time go!

The BEAUTIFUL customized card I received in the mail from Brielle

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