Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Landon!!

Friday night we celebrated Landon's 27 Birthday at Saltgrass with the whole family

I was trying to get Brielle to look at the camera so I pointed to the stuffed bobcat above my head......well it got Landon to look anyways....he totally forgot I was trying to take a picture and just stared at the thing like he'd never seen a stuffed dead animal before haha!

Grams and Pops

Kaytie and Landon

The Gustins



Mi Familia

Thanks Aunt Cindy for the adorable outfit!

Opening his present Saturday morning from Brielle, new running shoes! Brielle loves shoes so she just had to get dada a new pair!

I got him some sunglasses to play softball in, the cool part is he can have them custom made with whatever colors and lenses he wants but they won't be here for a couple of weeks

We spent all day Saturday doing fun things as a family
First we went to the park to play, or as Brielle says "Shlide"

Then we played some putt putt golf, B was so cute with her putter and ball, she didn't really know what to do with the putter but she never put it down, and she felt very proud of herself when she'd pick up her ball and drop her ball into the hole haha!

shooting some hoops with dad, haha she's not that great a shooter yet

her egg she won out of the machine

showing off the bracelet she got with her tickets

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