Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Curtains finally!

Landon was in Nashville a few days for work (and play too) so when he's away I will play, or should I say sew and decorate!

I finally got a couple of my favorite pictures hung!

Helping me take apart the chairs to recover

She really looks like she knows what she's doing haha!

Landon finally decided it was time for us to get some curtains(he knew I wouldn't settle for anything less than material from the Muse! Which I love but quite pricey!)
I knew I wanted black and white "wide" stripes but couldn't find them anywhere so I decided to make them. I originally bought fabric paint and painted them on, but didn't realize till I removed the tape that it absorbed into the ivory part of the curtain as well! I was so mad, took me two days and I had to throw it away! Well being stubborn and they type that gets what she wants no matter what it takes(thanks mom) I decided to buy black curtains, cut up the other ivory one I had left and sew the pieces to the black ones, LOTS of work but I'm happy and that's all that matters haha!

Now I want to make a table runner and pillows with all the extra scraps, don't want to let any go to waste (Landon and his pocket book would kill me haha)

I still love this patter on my chairs but I tend to get carried away with doing too many black and white prints in my house so one had to go, and I like the new one I picked because it's not so "ME", it's different and goes well with the black and white curtains and pink leopard!

Found her filling up her own humidifier, She Loves to help and I'm gonna let her run with it!

Helping with her laundry

At landons weekly softball game

Kaytie and B watching Landon's softball game, and yes it's almost summer and we're still having to bust out the winter clothes from time to time!

I forgot the post these picture when we surprised Grams and Pops at lunch a while ago

What a little lady she is with her purse and stroller!

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  1. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL JULY!!! You have no idea how bad I need to kiss those cheeks! (Brielle's that is!)And I LOOOVE your new dining room. FABULOUS as usual!!


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