Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break was beautiful last week! It was warm and actually NOT windy on a couple of days.
Brielle and I spent most of our days outside!
On Monday we met my friend Melodie and her two boys at the park
since we didn't have bible study that day.

Little Trevor, I don't know why I say little, he's a chunk ha!

Brielle and Grayson...she asked about him everyday since this day, he was so good about following her around and making sure she didn't get hurt.

My little Beauty

We had our first Crayon mishap!

Thank goodness for WD-40, got it all off!

Landon was headed to softball practice and Brielle said "Dada, you have a purse?"
such a sweet little question.

Tuesday we met my best friend Khara and her boys at Jasons Deli and then the park.
Hart and B

Kole Bear

B discovered my Polly Pockets from when I was a kid! My parents got us a HUGE set for Christmas one year for my sisters and I to share, I loved them! There are about 20 homes and 50 tiny pieces and I swear I haven't lost a piece all these years, I used to take inventory after my sisters and cousins were done playing to make sure they didn't lose any! You get to boss people around like that when your the big sister, I know they hated me for it!

This was my Polly's home of course!

This is what happens when you take them away......
After work Wednesday Melodie had us all over to her house for sangria's on the porch!
She's quickly becoming one of my closest friends, I love spending time with that girl!

I loooove sangria!

You need a good bath after all this playing outside business

Towel tucked in those sweet little cheeks, I could just squeeze her!

Thursday Brielle and I went to the library and then did a little shopping, that had to be cut short because the terrible two's kicked in and I had the most embarrassing moment in public with her. It happens to the best of us I guess.
Friday night Landon and I went out with our friends Tana and Billy....we even stayed out till midnight!
Now that I'm 30 that's a big deal!

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