Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patti's Day 2012

St Patti's day started off with a round of Golf.

Oh I love daddy's and their little girls!

All Brielle wanted to do was pick up the balls and place them in the holes,
then she'd clap and say yaaay to herself ha!

This is not a playground, even though it looks like a playground,
it's a place of miniature business -Dane Cook

When you're at the mall you can't leave without buying something!

Our popcorn!!!!
Landon: jalapeno/cheddar and Oreo
Diana: sourcream/cheddar and grape
Brielle: Fruit loops

Dinner at Malcolm's. I love that place!

This is the most delicious sandwich, it's a grilled cheese with ham and tomatoes, it's sooo tasty!
Saturday night we met our Friends at Ruby Tequilas for some March Madness.

Bring your green hat!

Green Drinks

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