Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's All About Chloe!

Landon's aunt Carol, me and his Grammy made a trip to Crane this weekend for Emily's baby shower, or should I say Chloes baby shower! The drive was around 5 hours but it didn't feel like it with us 3 chatter boxes in the car. I love spending time with these two...the last time we spent this much time together was at Trent and Emily's wedding 5 years ago.
We are all so thrilled Emily's getting her girl!!!

Here'e the beautiful Momma to be!
My gosh was that a tasty cake!
Can you tell she's loving all this pink!
Here's Chloe's wardrobe so far, she's starting her off right!

It's gift time, I don't know what she registered for but I'm pretty sure she didn't get much of it.......almost everyone got her clothes and who could blame just can't help but buy clothes when someones having a girl, it's all just soooo cute,
way more fun that buying diaper rash cream or bibs or toys haha!

Brielle bought her some Uggs! Every little girl needs Uggs in the winter!

So if Crane wasn't small enough, they are so small that even the places they do have are not opened on Saturdays or Sundays, this was one of the only restaraunts we could find that wasn't closed and it was in the next town! The food was good though!

I love spending time time with Emily, I feel our friendship has grown so much lately, she's a great Christian woman and so fun to be around, can't wait for our next get together......and I can't wait to meet that new baby and kiss on Levi as well!

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