Friday, March 16, 2012

The Symphony

One of my friends told me about the symphony having practice nights that are open to the public for free. I knew Brielle would like it since she loves music.

She sat like this the whole time, such a good girl!

Landon crossed his leg and of course mini Landon had to copy

Like father like daughter, She adores her daddy.

She looked at Landon's nose and said "Dada, you have a big nose?" in the most honest voice possible. I couldn't stop laughing .....she said her and I had little noses ha!
We had actually gone to the wrong place before we found the building the symphony was in...Brielle started crying when we left and said "I want to listen to music" I felt bad so I told her we would get ice cream instead. Well since we found it I didn't think we needed to get ice cream. Someone was sure to remind me after we left haha. She doesn't forget a thing!

I just love frozen yogurt, it's fat free, gluten free and they have healthy toppings!!! Of course I don't get healthy toppings!

She looked over at mine and said "mama has rice", she thought my sprinkles were rice ha!

Then she stole a bite of mine and thought it was the funniest thing ever.

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