Sunday, March 4, 2012

Daddy and Gymnastics

Landon came to visitors day at Gymnastics this week.
Brielle was so shy at first to have her daddy there.

He even joined in and said he enjoyed doing gymnastics with us! I am blessed to have such an involved husband and my heart is filled with happiness at all the benefits Brielle is going to acquire from having such a loving hands on daddy!

That's one of Landon's Fraternity brothers in the background, who knew 10 years later they would be doing mommy and me gymnastics together as oppose to whatever Frat boys do haha!
Arms up, Arms down find your tummy and flip around!

Our little gymnast concentrating sooo very hard!

These pictures are so blurry but I had to laugh at how high she jumped.

Done with class, too cool for school!

Some of our favorite friends Sharon and James.

Nap sweet how she's cuddleing her baby!

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  1. These pictures are killing me! Look at how sweet she is touching her toes!...and Landon's not too bad of a gymnast. haha!


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