Thursday, March 1, 2012

Duck Duck Goose!

Monday when I was on my way to pick Brielle up from the nursery after my bible study I could hear kids laughing all the way down the hallway, especially her....I know that sweet laugh anywhere.
They were in the big room (where Breille likes to say Jesus is from for some reason ha) all sitting in a circle playing duck duck goose. She was sooo precious just sitting there laughing her little heart out at the new game she had discovered!
So after dinner that night I brought it up and her eyes lite up like "how do you know about duck duck goose mom!!!"
So we played the game.......
She would touch everyone's head including herself when she was going around the circle saying got to the point that she wanted all of us running when someone was picked as the goose, she'd say "run Dada" or "run Momma" if we didn't all get was crazy fun!

Oh my gosh how she got so tickled and laughed!

Yeah still havn't gotton rid of my super comfy super grandma pj's haha.

Landon and I were dizzy from running in a circle so we had to think of something else fantastic to do to keep her from having a meltdown is we stopped the duck duck goose game........nothings better than painting!

Here is my drawing, I'm not creative at all at these things, so this is my best ha!
Here is Landon's masterpiece......It's supposed to be Brielle baahaa. At least he got the bow right!
And finally, we were told this is Elmo, most beautiful Elmo painting I've ever seen!!!!

Someone felt left out. Landon wouldn't let me let her paint with her paws. boo!

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  1. I love this! She is such a happy little girl. Can't wait to see you guys!


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