Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Me and My Girl

I love mommy and Brielle days...This one started at the library.

Brielle and her friend Elizabeth, she's looking at her like girrrrl that's my Winnie the Pooh!

After the library I wanted to take her to an indoor park at one of our local churches, but I was hungry and thought I'd go healthy so I stopped at a place that sells Herbalife. Look at all the flavors!!!
It's even a great snack for kids!

You get a shot of aloe, a cup of ice tea and the shake for $6 and they are delicious, they're all the craze!

This is on one of their walls haha

Good thing Cheetos aren't on here but I do love McDonalds!

I built her a castle, she loved opening the door and shutting it...she's a little obsessed with doors, it's a wonder she's never smashed a finger in one!
We picked the perfect day to go because we had the place all to ourselves.

Then we went up stairs to the big, I mean HUGE slide!! It's 2 story's tall! I don't know why I do it cause every time I go down that thing I have a mini panic attack!

Letting our a little aggression

I love spending my days with her! Nothins better than that!

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