Monday, March 5, 2012

A little of this and that

Since it's too cold to plant flowers just yet, we got some indoor ones to play with.

Sweetest little hands

We're wearing our big girl panties!

Landon and I have been so busy lately we haven't had much time for us. We finally got a date night, it was so nice to get to go out and eat and just talk. It's not as easy taking B with us now that the terrible twos are in full force.....however she's still much easier as a two year old than a newborn!
My fav, Crab Legs.........I devoured them!

A couple new springy things that should be in the mail this week........
Palazzo pants by Zara in fushia, just love them!

I've been wanting a top like this forever, much harder to find than you think and they are all like $60! I found this one on ebay (still wasn't that cheap but better than anything else I have found) I'm gonna wear it with my new pink pants!

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