Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last Amarillo Bible Study and Softball Game

This week was my last mom's bible study here in Amarillo.  I have soooo enjoyed spending my Monday mornings with these women.  There are some pretty inspirational ones in the group!   I'm so blessed to be able to do these types of things during the week, there's nowhere else I'd rather be!

This semester we studied "Resolution for Women" by Patricia Shirer.  It has been my favorite book so far, I highly recommend you read it.  It is very easy reading and applies to every aspect of your life. I fell in love with this book, I've never taken so many notes of marked up so many pages in my life!

Here are some of my favorite highlights from some of the chapters in the book.....

Surprisingly Satisfied: By staying surprisingly satisfied you give yourself permission to enjoy fully the things you have, the person you are, and the life you're currently living while continuing to harbor the dreams that keep you growing and stretching into the future.

Purposefully Feminine:  You, God's woman, are designed both strong and vulnerable.  Powerful yet tender. More than able yet willing to yield.  You are smart, wise, capable, equal in worth and secure in yourself as you relate to others yet content in your God-given role.

Authentically Me:  In God's eyes-the one who chose you, set you apart, and appointed you to bear fruit.  He has loved you enough to make you like no other, and He's given you a  task that is yours alone to complete with His abundant help and empowerment.
  ( I just love that phrase!!! I want Brielle to always remember that especially when she is a teenager)

My Best:  To resolve to offer the best of yourself is not a call to perfectionism.  You are invited into a life of wholeness and completeness.  That's what the biblical word of perfect means.

Loving My Children:  A mother is the child's soul shaper.  This is her life's work, and she protects her investment at all costs.  She refuses to allow the pollutants of mindless entertainment, vile suggestions, and godless teaching to take center stage in her children's psych.  She doesn't take the night off by sending her "life's work" over to someone's home she barely knows or letting them participate in an event where she's not clear on the kind of activities and supervision will be offered.

Loving My Husband:  To be Quiet. In Greek means hesychois.  And much to my delight doesnt' mean to be silent, never uttering a work or offering an opinion.  It means to be well ordered, to live a peaceable and discreet life, thus lightening the task of the one in authority.  Lightening the load of your husband.

Living With Grace:  Grace my definition is "favor or kindness expressed to the undeserving."  It means giving someone a break when it's the last thing they deserve to get.  When people in your home and life know that you won't look down on them or lord their inadequacies over them, you have given them a great gift.  An overflow of the gift given to you. Grace.  The gift of being able to stay authentic,
knowing they'll be accepted just as they are. 
Give them a break
I know they don't deserve it.
But neither did you.
Grace came anyway.

On another note...look who came to work with me this week!  I love my little job!

Are you done yet mom!? I'm so bored!

And my awesome sweet boss/friend brought me treats!

Landon played his last softball game in Amarillo this week.  9 years of softball here.  Kinda sad.

Oh and I just had to post pictures of my kid who dressed herself haha. She was already wearing that shirt but she pulled those big ole pants up to her waist and put that crazy headband on her head haha!

She's gonna hate me someday for posting these!

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