Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Date Night

My mom is going to Colombia for 3 months this summer.  We actually took over her lease at her apartment since that's the amount of time we were planning on renting anyways.
 Somebody's getting quite the personality!

Landon and I had several date nights in a row since we would be babysitter less for a while. 
He surprised me and took me to the coolest outdoor bar.  It was so awesome!
You could enjoy a dip in the pool!

Or play volleyball to your hearts delight!

Huts to lounge in

Me and my love laughed the night away!

Now it's time for some competition

Pretty close game.

Landon's Bullseye

Oh really, someones a sorry winner.  I think I did pretty well for my first game of darts.

I also performed the live music!

 Can I just say having a kid with long curly hair can be the pits sometimes for both me and her!
Just look at this matted mess!!!!!

Much better!
Except I can't ever get the part straight and there is always more hair on one side of her head ha!

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