Friday, May 25, 2012

Ft Worth Zoo

Our top two cities we want to live in are Frisco and Flower Mound.  So since Landon was off on Monday and Tuesday we got up early headed to those cities and drove the morning rush hour traffic just to see.

Up bright and early

Surprised?  So were we!!! I-40 is worse than this!

This was the busiest it got. It only took him 25 minutes from Flower Mound and 30 from Frisco, that is so doable! Thank you Lord for giving Landon a great route to work!
Since Landon didn't start work until Wednesday so we enjoyed a couple of family days together!!
First stop the Ft Worth Zoo!

I was sooo thrilled the baby monkey decided to come right up to Brielle and check her out.

Look at her face, she didn't know what to think ha!

oh and there's momma, they were precious!

They had the neatest dining area where you could sit right by the aquarium and watch the fish, turtles and alligators!  The alligators kept swimming right by the glass, it was so cool!

I looove this beautiful picture of the loves of my life!!!

Wahoo we got to pet something!
 Zoo's are torturous to me cause I just want to hold or pet something so bad!

All the animals were so active!  That giraffe was looking right at me, wonder what he was thinking.
  And look at the sweet little kangaroo with his hand on his nose.

This was my favorite part! They had a huge enclosure and you could by a stick of bird see and feed the birds.  I know they were only parakeets and cockatiels and I've owned many of them but I was excited none the less!

Almost got him to step up on my finger.

When did she grow up, just look at her getting up there with all the big kids. 

Out with the old

In with the new


Got to pet some sea animals.

We took B to one of the shows, since it was a Monday we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

It was a wonderful family fun filled day! Oh how I look forward to exploring our new city!

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