Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lot's Going On

We have had a busy past couple weeks so I'm gonna squeeze it all into one post.
A couple of weekends ago we took another mini trip to Dallas.  I got to see my aunt who I haven't seen in 7 years and my cousin Oscar who I haven't seen in 14 years, since I went to visit Colombia!  He still looks the same, isn't he handsome!

I finally got Daddy out of the house to go watch one of Landon's softball games.

Someone was very proud of her Daddy

We've had some beautiful weather this summer.  Can't wait to go to the pool, in the meantime a tub of water will have to do.


That ball is about as big as the Eskimo, but she loves it,
 she'll drag it around everywhere and into the house even.

Party on the patio with some great friends.

University sing was last we, We were dressed to support the Chi O's!

She was just clapping away!  She kept asking, where's the Chi Omegas? haha!
Now the dancing begins!  She was watching the girls on stage and trying to mimic their every move.


Dinner with Gigi and Gannpa.

Oh how I'm gonna miss that big baby belly when it's gone ha!

Blow them a kiss.

That clump of blanket next to her is her baby all wrapped up tight.  She's such a good little mommy!

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